Used Aircraft Equipment for Sale

Feb 24, 2020 | News

Looking for aircraft equipment or ground handling equipment for your airport operations? The best way to save money and operate the GSEs on a tighter budget is to purchase a used GSE equipment. Used and refurbished GSE equipment can be considerably cheaper than their new counterparts, and when serviced properly, they can last for many years.

Aeromax GSE takes pride in its workmanship and attention to detail when it comes to refurbishment and repairs. We offer the industry-leading warranty. Thus, we put great effort and extensively test every unit. Additionally, we do a rigorous inspection and quality control to ensure long service life.

Leasing Option

Maintaining a GSE fleet on a limited budget can be a challenge. Today, more companies are taking advantage of leasing options made available to clients worldwide. With the Aeromax GSE leasing program, customers make low monthly payments with competitive rates, instead of paying outright for the equipment.

The Benefits of Used GSE Equipment

Buying used or refurbished GSEs can benefit you in multiple ways. One of the top advantages of buying the used GSEs is it comes they come at much lesser prices. Secondly, if someone needs them only for a very short period of time, refurbished is better than expensive new ones. 

Usually, used GSE can be available for a fraction of the price of new equipment. However, such price depends completely on the condition and the age of the equipment. Some GSEs operate safely and optimally after simple maintenance, while others require electrical and mechanical overhauls to operate.

Other benefits of purchasing used GSEs result from the reuse and recycling of existing equipment, which leads to reduced waste and a lower carbon footprint. Aeromax GSE is a provider of used GSE equipment, in addition to its line of refurbished and new GSEs. Purchasing used GSE equipment from Aeromax GSE gives customers extra peace of mind given the fact that all used GSE sold are fully operable, ramp ready, and covered by parts and labor warranty.

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