Jetmax90 400Hz AC 90kVA Diesel GPU

Jetmax90 is most compelling solution for a wide range of narrow-body jet aircraft, plus the added flexibility of 28.5 VDC TR option.

AeromaxGSE Jetmax90

Meets your AC and 28 VDC requirements in one compact solution, thanks to the TR option.


Caterpillar C4.4 Diesel Engine
4.4 Liter 4 Cylinder, Direct Injection
Turbo-Charged, 2000 RPM
130 kW (174 hp) Power
EPA Tier-4f
12V battery crank system
Intake manifold pre-heater for
cold weather start


Under/over voltage & frequency
Overload, Short Circuit
Engine high coolant temp
Low oil pressure
Air cleaner restriction
Low coolant level


Mecc-Alte 90 kVA 0.8 PF
Meets and Exceeds MIL-STD-704F
3 Phase 115/200 Volt 400Hz


90 kVA continuous output 400Hz
Overload: 125% at 5 minutes
Automatic line drop compensation TR: 28.5 VDC 600 amps/2000 peak


150L (40 Gal) fuel tank capacity
Low fuel warning and shutdown
Stainless-steel fuel tank


ComAp Digital Controller
5.7” color display for all electrical
and mechanical readouts
Built in recording and history
Idle, nominal, and 2 min cooldown
engine speed control
Control panel LED illumination
E&F switch bypass switch


Covered by our comprehensive 18-months, 2000 hours parts and labour warranty. 


Compliance with MIL-STD-704F,
SAE ARP5015, ISO 6858             EPA Tier-4 final emissions 


WebNet wireless GPU monitor w/
GPS position tracking    Additional
Winter Package with block heater
400Hz AC2 power output
TR 28.5V DC – 600 amps
continuous 2000 amps peak
30ft (9m), 60ft (18m) aircraft cable
110/220 V power receptacle    Dual-color beacon for operation and fault



Length: 115 Inches (292 cm)
Width: 65 Inches (165 cm)
Height: 68 Inches (173 cm) Dry Weight: 4080 lb. (1850kg)

Cutting-edge Technology

Advanced digital controller with a 5.7” colour display allows for easier operation, maintenance and data monitoring. Simple to operate, this feature permits users to have full access to GPU parameters, operational history, and alarm data. Optional wireless WebNet maintenance control and GPS position tracking are an excellent solutions for those looking to monitor their units’ parameters in real-time from a remote location. Jetmax90 advanced technologies such as variable engine speed control, digital readouts, and variable environment temperature protections simplify unit operation and extend service life.

After sales support

At Aeromax, we’re committed to making sure your experience with our Jetmax 90 Ground Power Units is an exceptional one. Our professional team is always on call to provide troubleshooting and support, and we take pride in offering industry leading 18-month, 2000 hours warranty as our commitment to the highest standards.

Reliable Powertrain

Assembled in Aeromax manufacturing plant, the use of the top-of-the-line engine and alternator is the standard for high quality and high performance powertrain in OEM heavy duty products. Every jetmax90 AC unit delivers precise 400Hz power in either Tier-3 or Tier-4 emission options. Further customize your GPU with TR option capable of supplying 600 amps continuous and 2000 amps peak of 28.5V DC power. The DC output is monitored and protected independently from AC output by a robust digital protection system.


OR Lease 

Aeromax GSE offers flexible and competitive leasing options for refurbished and new GSE. Fill the contact form or simply call us at 1.833.AEROMAX

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