International Airport GSE Expo 2020

Feb 10, 2020 | News

About the Las Vegas International Airport GSE Expo 2020

The International GSE Expo is a world-class platform showcasing the latest GSE products. The GSE manufacturers participate in the expo to display their services, equipment, and technologies for the global ground support industry.  The GSE Expo is a must-attend event for industry professionals and consumers alike. It will be hosting more than 250 exhibitors and thousands of attendees from around the world.

The Expo will take place from 20th to 22nd October 2020. The registrations are open from Jan 2020 for the exhibitors and attendees. This year the GSE Expo will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. 

Aeromax GSE Booth

Aeromax GSE is proud to be attending the 2020 GSE Expo. AeromaxGSE will display its range of GSEs and GPUs to the global aviation companies and industry leaders attending the show. Our product line includes a wide range of powerful 400Hz and 28 VDC Ground Power Units. It will be an excellent opportunity to see our products first hand, talk to our staff and learn about the different services Aeromax GSE has to offer.

Aeromax GSE will be displaying its best-selling products, including the Jetmax600, and Jetmax90 GPUs, along a new line of 28 VDC TR and solid-state Frequency converters.

Aeromax Jetmax600

Jetmax600 is a compact, powerful, and efficient Tier-4f GPU from AeromaxGSE. Engineered with a deep understanding of airport and ramp environment, Jetmax600 places reliability and effortless operations at the forefront. State of the art digital controller coupled with Cummins engine and Marathon alternator deliver flawless performance and dependability.

Aeromax Jetmax90

The illuminated control panel on the JETMAX90 GPU features a brilliant 5.7” color display for all GPU parameters. These powerful parameters include; voltage, frequency, fuel levels, engine oil temperature, pressure, RPM, and more. The controller’s smart engine speed technology ensures that the diesel engine idles during startup and cooldown period. It also has a low fuel alarm and auto-shutdown technology to prevent downtime or possible engine damage. The controller also records any alarms or warnings and logs all GPU data in its memory, available for download.

Aeromax 28 VDC Series

Aeromax GSE’s 28.5V DC Ground Power Units offer reliable power delivery and unmatched efficiency to all kinds of aircraft. These GSEs with a rugged and compact GPU design can serve anything from small prop aircraft to Q-400 Dash-8. The Jetmax-DC series Ground Power Unit is available in 850 amps and 1200 amps continuous power capacities. These DC GPUs utilize the latest controller and safety technologies in its design.

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