Ground Support Equipment Manufacturers, Canada Takes the Lead

May 20, 2019 | News

Have you ever thought about what kind of work has to be done to prepare a plane for take-off? The first choice for transportation in long distances usually would be airlines. An airline provides various services, but the main job is, air transportation, generally carrying passengers and cargoes. Airlines use numerous types of planes. They have any aircraft ranging from the common airliner such as Boeing 747 to the gigantic aircraft like Antonov Mriya. So most people, especially those who travel a lot,  don’t know much about the kind of airplane they travel in. Or what operations have been done to make the flight safe.

However, even if no one realizes this, there are still some essential and huge works take place behind the curtains. There are a series of tasks that need to take effect on aircraft while it’s on the ground. Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is there to make the preparations, and they are used to service the planes and aircraft between the flights.

What Happens before a Plane Takes Off

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you must have seen the airport apron. An apron is a place at airports where they park aircraft or prepare them for the next flight. The usual preparation tasks are; loading or unloading, refueling, etc. The ground support equipment is an essential tool at the Apron. They help the ground handling team to carry out huge tasks. All the equipment that you see jogging around and doing something around the parked airplane, delivers the services required of an airplane before it takes off which is being done by GSEs.

Airport ground support equipment includes a wide range of equipment and vehicles necessary for the maintenance of airplanes. They offer many services in order to ensure passenger comfort and safety. These activities related to the airplane’s ground operations have many forms and types. For example:

  1. Loading or unloading cargoes, which means passenger baggage or luggage;
  2. Boarding passengers onto airplanes or vice versa;
  3. Engine examination, refueling, fuselage check;
  4. Draining lavatory waste tank and so on

All these operations are being done by employees and specialists working with GSE.

Main Source of Power in Aircrafts

One of these types of implements and the important one is the Ground Power Unit. Most vehicles need the power to run their engine and aircraft are no exception. Cars simply have a battery to provide their power, but there’s a different story with aircraft. There is no battery to create the power to run the engine while it’s on the ground. Typically, an aircraft generates its own power during the flight, but when it’s on the ground, parked with engines switched off, the running power must be provided by ground support equipment services. GPU is the abbreviation of Ground Power Unit, and its job is to generate and provide the required power for airplanes to take off.

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