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Feb 17, 2020 | News

Aeromax GSE is the supplier of a wide range of Ground Support Equipment, both new and used, in addition to its line of 400 Hz and 28.5 volts DC ground power units. Customers can choose from a variety of equipment depending on their needs, and each unit can be further customized based on the climate and location where the unit is operated.

Baggage tractors can be offered in diesel or gas options, with or without a driver canopy. The same applies to belt loaders, which along with baggage tractors, are the most popular GSE equipment sold.

Other GSE equipment offered by Aeromax GSE includes narrow-body and wide-body pushback tractors, de-icer trucks, air conditioners, heaters, aircraft towbars, baggage carts, air start units, dollies, passenger stairs, cargo loaders, and water and lavatory trucks.

Aeromax GSE Ground Support Equipment List


AeromaxGSE has a GPU product line – Jetmax series. The Jetmax GPUs are available in both AC and DC variation. The Jextmax AC Series Ground Power Units deliver precise 400Hz power. Additionally, they use reliable powertrain, advanced digital controllers, and comprehensive built-in protections. On the other hand, the AC series GPUs’ capacity ranges from 60 kVA to 180 kVA and they have a 28.5V TR option. Some of the top models in the Jetmax AC 400HZ Series are:

60 kVA Ground Power Unit

The Jetmax60 400Hz AC ground power unit offers a continuous performance of 60 kVA. It features the latest technologies, convenient options, and a 28.5 VDC output if required. Therefore,  Jetmax60 serves as the perfect solution for small regional jets that require 400Hz power. It is a reliable product that ensures ease of use in mind. Additionally, it comes with standard industry-leading 18-month 2000 hour warranty, whichever comes first. 


The JETMAX90 GPU is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art Ground Power Unit. It uses a digital controller along with a powerful Caterpillar engine and Mecc-Alte alternator for superior power and reliability. Also, with 90kVA of highly regulated 400Hz power, JETMAX90 becomes the most suitable GPU for most narrow-body jet aircraft.


Along with the AC Jetmax series, Aeromax GSE also offers 28V DC series. These Jetmax GPUs are powerful, industry-leading ground power units. These GPUs perfectly serve kinds of aircraft, from small helicopters and fixed-winged aircraft to large Turboprop Dash-8s’.

They come in compact yet reliable packages and offer up to 1200 amps continuous power. The powerful DC GPUs at Aeromax GSE are  – JETMAX1200 and the efficient JETMAX600, both GPUs deliver reliable 28.5 V DC power. Additionally, both of these digitally controlled GPUs offer comprehensive protections for minimal downtime.

Jetmax600 DC GPU

Jetmax600 is a compact, powerful, and efficient Tier-4f GPU from Aeromax GSE. It comes with a deep understanding of airport and ramp environment. Additionally, the Jetmax600 places reliability and effortless operations at the forefront. State of the art digital controller coupled with Cummins engine and Marathon alternator deliver flawless performance and dependability.


The Jetmax1200 28.5 VDC is one of the most powerful ground power units with 1200 amps continuous and 4000 amps peak. Aeromax GSE has introduced an unprecedented 1200 amps of continuous power with this GPU. It gives users the option to deliver 600 amps of continuous power to two aircraft simultaneously. Whether powering one or two aircraft, Jetmax1200 is the most powerful solution with exceptional value and reliability.

After-sales support

As with any equipment, Aeromax GSE offers on-site training, parts and labor warranty. Along with that, it stands behind every product sold with strong after-sales support. We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every successful business.

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