Ground Power Units: Next Generation

Nov 13, 2018 | News

Are you considering updating your GPU fleet but you are concerned about the costs?

Aeromax GSE is a leading manufacturer of Ground Power Units. It offers new ways to keep your business more efficient and boost your bottom line. Additionally, it is one of the few GSE companies offering leasing options. AeromaxGSE can help you more effectively manage your GSE costs.

AeromaxGSE Lease Agreement

Aeromax GSE can offer the best leasing price and terms to all users ranging from start-ups to large public companies. Our goal is to help you navigate the right product and payment terms after assessing your situation and needs. Additionally, we specialize in making the equipment leasing process simple and efficient. We work closely with the clients and help them select the right equipment. We also offer flexible payment options to opt from, as per your budget.

Before you contact us about the leasing options, let us introduce you to what Aeromax GSE specializes in. Aeromax GSE manufactures reliable, digitally controlled Diesel and Solid-State GPUs, designed for easy operations and low ownership costs. With over 20 years of experience in the field of power generation and GPU overhaul, the founders of Aeromax GSE foresaw a potential in the market for introducing a new generation of Ground Power Units as a solution to the existing reliability and usage issues with many GPUs in the market while at the same time introducing innovative features that increase safety and reliability.

GPU Next Generation

Jetmax series of 28.5V DC and 400 Hz AC GPUs offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability in a compact, smart package. They use smart digital controllers and Tier-4 Diesel engines. All Aeromax GSE’s AC and DC GPUs come equipped with a host of standard features such as Automatic Low Fuel Warning and Shutdown, Forklift Pockets, Engine Glow Plug Heaters, and Beacon Lights. In addition, Aeromax smart digital controllers can be equipped with optional GPS position tracking with WebNet control, allowing real-time remote GPU monitoring such as engine, alternator, fuel level, alarms and other GPU parameters from a laptop or cell phone.

Contact us today to discover how affordable equipment leasing can be to your business and learn more about our products, after-sales support, comprehensive warranty.

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