Electric Tug GSE

Feb 27, 2020 | News

Greater awareness of climate change and carbon emissions consequences provokes everyone to save the environment. Companies around the world strive to lower their carbon emissions by investing in renewable technologies. Similarly, the Auto industry is also working towards solutions for renewable and electric GSEs. And, this also encompasses the ground support equipment market. In the GSE market, there is an ever-increasing demand for battery-powered, electric, and hybrid GSE.

Battery-powered and Hybrid GSE

Traditional GSE equipment usually relies on gas or diesel engines to drive their powertrain. Also, they are responsible for powering their hydraulics and electrical components. These units are relatively inefficient, emit large amounts of CO2, and require constant maintenance and repairs.

The new generation of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are able to offer excellent day to day performance. These batteries have a nearly maintenance-free operation, in addition to achieving zero emissions. Electrical GSE includes baggage tractors, light pushback tractors, belt loaders, and even ground power units.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Using electric equipment instead of any diesel-powered equipment is always better. There are no significant drawbacks to any electric equipment in terms of carbon emission and environmental safety. On the other hand, there are so many plus points of using these kinds of GSEs. Starting with:

Electric GSE offers silent, emission-free and maintenance-free operations. They are the GSEs flexible for use in the hanger as well as in the airport environment. Airports can easily charge these electric GSE overnight and use them during the day. Also, they pave the way for a much cleaner and more advanced future.

Drawbacks of electric GSE include their limited range and long charging time. When GSE operators need to use their equipment for extended times, electric GSE may not be a suitable option. Also, electric GSE can be relatively expensive, and the batteries usually don’t last for more than a few years.

Going Green at Airports

While the entire globe is moving towards a healthy and greener lifestyle, it is essential for airports to join the forces. Going green at the airports does not only mean using eco-friendly equipment. It is about completely improvising the standards, technology, and strategies to lower C02 emissions. Many airports have already started making small and big changes in their operations and strategies to help the environment. It is time for the entire aviation industry in the USA to shift towards greener technology and become an inspiration for the world. The first step towards this huge agenda is opting for electric GSEs.

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