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Feb 21, 2020 | News

Looking for Aviation Equipment in Ontario, USA, or anywhere in the world? Look no further! Aeromax GSE provides all kinds of airport ground support equipment including; small luggage loader, huge ground power units, tow trucks, and more. Thus, Aeromax GSE has the perfect solution for your ground handling operations. The unparalleled features include; a comprehensive range of diesel-powered 400 Hz and 28.5 volts DC ground power units; and a variety of used and refurbished GSE equipment. 

The Right Equipment For The Job

Aeromax GSE offers fully customizable options on the aviation equipment sold to clients. Therefore, all of our products meet the customer demands head-on. These customizations allow customers to personalized many features such as; customize paint, operating temperatures, equipment, canopy, lighting, and safety equipment to suit their exact needs, reducing operating costs.

Aeromax GSE is proud to offer the most competitive pricing and lead times on all GSE sold. In addition, Aeromax GSE offers leasing options to customers with competitive rates. Therefore, we make the acquiring of new and used GSEs even easier and more affordable. 

Service and Support

Sales of GSE is only half the story. Aeromax GSE offers so many additional benefits with every product that they sell. Additionally, these benefits are; on-site training, service, maintenance, troubleshooting support, and extended warranty services. Additionally, these services ensure that the equipment sold will work for many years to come. 

Top Aviation Support Equipment at Aeromax

GPU Next Generation

Aeromax GSE offers the Jetmax GPU series. These GPUs are one of the most popular and high demand products from AeromaxGSE. These are the next generation AC and DC power GPUs. They are very powerful and can supply power to any aircraft from small jet planes to jumbo passenger planes.

Jetmax series of 28.5V DC and 400 Hz AC GPUs offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability in a compact, smart package. Additionally, they use smart digital controllers and Tier-4 Diesel engines. Also, all Aeromax GSE’s AC and DC GPUs come equipped with a host of standard features such as; Automatic Low Fuel Warning and Shutdown, Forklift Pockets, Engine Glow Plug Heaters, and Beacon Lights. In addition, Aeromax GSE’s smart digital controllers come equipped with many attractive features. These features are; optional GPS position tracking with WebNet control; allowing real-time remote GPU monitoring such as engine; alternator; fuel level; alarms and other GPU parameters from a laptop or cell phone.

Jetmax AC Series

The Jextmax AC Series Ground Power Units deliver precise 400Hz power. They use reliable powertrain, advanced digital controllers, and comprehensive built-in protections. Also, these AC series GPUs’ capacity ranges from 60 kVA to 180 kVA and they have a 28.5V TR option. Such outstanding features make this GPU series a compelling solution for a wide range of jet aircraft.

Jetmax DC Series

Aeromax GSE’s 28.5V DC Ground Power Units offer reliable power delivery and unmatched efficiency to all kinds of aircraft. These GSEs with a rugged and compact GPU design can serve anything from small prop aircraft to Q-400 Dash-8. Additionally, the Jetmax-DC series Ground Power Unit is available in 850 amps and 1200 amps continuous power capacities. These DC GPUs utilize the latest controller and safety technologies in its design.

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