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Apr 18, 2019 | News

Airport Ground Equipment

AeromaxGSE is the leading provider of intelligent and tailored Airport Ground Equipment for domestic and international clients. We are the manufacturers of high-quality, industrial-grade Ground Power Units. Our facility is located near Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.

Our GSEs include a wide range of Ground Power Units from engine-driven, mobile GPUs to hanger-powered 400Hz and 28.5V DC units. All of our GPUs boast powerful powertrain from reliable brands such as; Caterpillar, Cummins, and Marathon. These powerful and reliable powertrains ensure good performance in the worst overload applications.

Aeromax Advantages

Advantages of Aeromax GSE GPUs include precise performance, simple and reliable operations, easy maintenance in a cost-effective package. In addition, Aeromax GPUs come with a host of standard features such as; Automatic Low Fuel Warning and Shutdown, Forklift Pockets, Engine Glow Plug Heaters and Beacon Lights. The  Aeromax smart digital controllers also has the ability to equip with optional GPS position tracking with WebNet control. This allows the users to monitor and control the GPUs remotely in real-time. One can manage the engine, alternator, fuel level, alarms and other GPU parameters from a laptop or cell phone.

With a comprehensive range of 400hz and 28.5V DC Ground Power Units, Aeromax GSE has the perfect GPU for your application.  These reliable, compact, and quiet GPUs can power up any aircraft with the feature like latest controller and safety technologies. They also deliver precise clean power within its range.

Aeromax GSE also serves as your source for all your Airport Ground Equipment needs. It offers everything from Pushback Tugs to Beltloaders, along with a wide selection of fully refurbished GSE units at unbeatable prices. Not just the affordable prices, the AeromaxGSEs also offers a comprehensive warranty plan that covers all units sold. On the other hand, all of the refurbished units are guaranteed to last.

Leasing Option

Aeromax GSE also has the option for the best leasing price and it can terms to all users ranging from start-ups to large public companies. Our goal is to help you navigate the right product and payment terms after assessing your situation and needs for your airport ground equipment. We specialize in making the GSE leasing process simple and efficient, and we will work closely with you to select the right equipment and payment options that suit your budget.

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