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Mar 3, 2020 | News

Pushback tractors have many names such as aircraft tow tractors and aircraft tugs. They are among the most common and essential GSE equipment used at any airport environment. These Aircraft tugs are huge in size and are heavy-duty machines. Also, they boast sheer power and they mostly run by diesel-engines.

The aircraft tugs or pushback tractors help the ground support team in pushing or towing aircraft to their desired location. 

The Right Tug for the Right Aircraft

Aircraft tugs and pushbacks come in varying models and power capacities. Starting at 5000 lbs drawbar pull for small aircraft to over 130,000 lbs drawbar pull for large jumbo jets. Therefore, it’s important for GSE companies to choose the right pushback for the aircraft they service. Most aircraft tugs use a towbar that attaches to the front landing gear to move aircraft. Towbarless tractors offer increased flexibility. They’re able to move the aircraft by lifting and pushing the front landing gear instead of using a towbar.

Exceptional Value and Support

Aeromax GSE offers a range of refurbished and second-hand pushback tractor. Also, these tractors are available at prices starting at 5000 lbs to 50,000 lbs of drawbar pull. All pushback tractors are professionally refurbishing and Aeromax GSE supports these GSEs with customer service and warranty. 

About Aeromax GSE

Aeromax GSE was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in Generator and GPU design. Additionally, we are a Canadian manufacturer of Ground Power Units. We take pride in our unique designs and industrial-grade, high-quality AC and DC GPUs. In addition, Aeromax GSE is also a distributor of new and refurbish GSE to FBOs; MROs; airports; airlines; and other GSE companies in the aviation industry.


We are a distributor of quality new and refurbish aircraft Ground Support Equipment. Our great range of GSEs includes a large selection of Aircraft Tugs; Pushback Tractors; Baggage; Tractors; Belt Loaders; Passenger Stairs; Cargo Loaders; Refueling Trucks; De-icer Trucks; Lav Trucks; Water Service Trucks; Aircraft Ground Power Units; Aircraft Start Units; and Baggage Carts.

Aeromax GSE professionally reconditions and overhauls aircraft GSEs. This ensures the best quality in the industry, ensuring long life and seamless operation. Aeromax GSE provides the most reliable airport equipment at competitive price points to keep your company on a budget.

In addition, the Aeromax GSE trade-in program allows the clients to replace old equipment with recently refurbished units. Therefore, most of our clients get the benefit of saving as much money as they can. Additionally, for further flexibility, Aeromax GSE offers low rate leasing options, giving customers more choice and financial freedom.

Aeromax GSE takes pride in the quality of our refurbished equipment. Also, we provide excellent after-sales service to FBO’s; MRO’s; corporate flight departments; small airlines; and air cargo handlers around the globe. Contact us today to buy, sell or trade-in your ground support equipment.

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