Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment

Feb 12, 2020 | News

Aeromax GSE manufactures top-grade Ground Support, Aircraft Service, and other test equipment. All of our products are great to use for the service and maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft. Along with the maintenance and servicing of aircraft, these GSEs play a critical role in their safety and function. One can buy or rent these GSEs according to their requirement and budget. Aeromax GSEs are available in new and refurbished condition.

The Right Equipment for Every Budget

From hydraulic carts to service stairs and ground power units, Aeromax GSE has the right equipment for your needs. Aeromax GSE provides the right equipment for any condition including working with customers and their budget targets. Also, all the new GSEs from Aeromax come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

However, customers can save considerable amounts of money by choosing used or refurbished equipment. Regardless of condition, all equipment sold by Aeromax GSE is in full working condition and is supported by after-sales service.

After-sales service

Aeromax GSE stands behind every product with robust after-sales support. In addition to providing troubleshooting support at any time, Aeromax GSE offers parts and labor warranty on every equipment sold, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Top AeromaxGSE Support and Maintenance Products

1. JETMAX1200

Jetmax1200 is our DC GPU with 1200 Amps continuous, 4000 Amps peak power. It has optional Dual-DC technology that provides you with one of the most sophisticated and powerful solutions in the GSE market.

2. JETMAX600

Jetmax600 is another one of our DC GPU with 600 Amps continuous power. It is a compact, durable and unbeatable priced solution that every customer is looking for.

3. JETMAX120

It is equipped with a TR option and is our AC Ground Power Unit. Also, this GPU offers the most compelling solution for a range of aircraft power applications. Our upcoming product,


JetmaxSS600 is our solid-state DC series Ground Power Unit. It comes with a precisely regulated and dependable power of 600 Amps continuous.


Looking for a portable power starting unit? CELLMAX150 can be the one for you. It comes with 12, 24, and 28 voltage options. Additionally, is a reliable solution suitable for a wide range of power delivery.

GSE Equipment Expo is a great place to check out what’s new in the market. Also, it is the best place to learn and share best practices in the industry. Be sure to visit our booth and check out our DC and AC ground power units. Along with our existing prod7ucts,  you can also get a sneak peek of our other upcoming products.

6. Aeromax Jetmax90

The illuminated control panel on the Jetmax90 GPU features a brilliant 5.7” color display for all GPU parameters. These powerful parameters include; voltage, frequency, fuel levels, engine oil temperature, pressure, RPM, and more. The controller’s smart engine speed technology ensures that the diesel engine idles during startup and cooldown period. It also has a low fuel alarm and auto-shutdown technology to prevent downtime or possible engine damage. The controller also records any alarms or warnings and logs all GPU data in its memory, available for download.

7. Aeromax 28 VDC Series

Aeromax GSE’s 28.5V DC Ground Power Units offer reliable power delivery and unmatched efficiency to all kinds of aircraft. These GSEs with a rugged and compact GPU design can serve anything from small prop aircraft to Q-400 Dash-8. The Jetmax-DC series Ground Power Unit is available in 850 amps and 1200 amps continuous power capacities. These DC GPUs utilize the latest controller and safety technologies in its design.

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