The first 1200 amps continuous DC Ground Power Unit with Dual-DC output option and PowerGuard Protection technologies

Aeromax GSE GPU

Aeromax GSE’s Jetmax1200 offers ground breaking innovations with unparalleled efficiency and power. Featuring Dual-DC technology and PowerGuard safety protections, Aeromax GSE revolutionizes ground handling operations by drastically minimizing turnaround time and operation costs.

Innovative Dual-DC Technology

Introduced to the GSE market for the first time, an unprecedented 1200 amps of continuous power gives users the option to deliver 600 amps of continuous power to two aircraft simultaneously. Whether powering one or two aircraft, Jetmax1200 is the most powerful solution with exceptional value and reliability.

Advanced Powertrain

An integration of top of the line components such as Perkins turbo-diesel engine and a custom Marathon alternator governed by a smart digital controller has resulted in a sophisticated powertrain and prolonged service life. Lifespan and fuel efficiency is maximized thanks to variable engine idle and nominal speed modes and engine cooling shutdown, reducing wear and tear.

PowerGuard protections

Thanks to PowerGuard technology, each power output is governed and protected independently ensuring uninterrupted power delivery to each aircraft with minimal downtime. Comprehensive powertrain protections, load management, and voltage regulation are standard in every Aeromax Ground Power Unit.
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