Aeromax GSE are Ground Support Equipment manufacturers based in Canada, serving both domestic and international clients.

About Who We Are

Aeromax GSE was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in Generator and GPU design. We are a Canadian manufacturer of Ground Power Units. We take pride in our unique designs and industrial-grade, high-quality AC and DC GPUs. In addition, Aeromax GSE is also a distributor of new, used, and refurbished GSE to FBOs, MROs, airports, airlines, and other GSE companies in the aviation industry.

ground power units sale in mississauga

Aeromax GSE was founded in Mississauga, Ontario, next to Pearson International Airport. It was founded by skilled engineers with decades of experience in the field of power generation and GPU design.

Aeromax GSE proudly introduced a comprehensive lineup of industrial-grade, high-quality 400Hz and 28.5V DC ground power units. Which covers the full range of aircraft requirements.

Over time, Aeromax GSE began to introduce additional services to complement its Ground Power Unit sale in Mississauga. Aeromax offers a full line of refurbished and overhauled GSE. These GSEs are fully certified and gives our customers peace of mind with every purchase. Maintenance services by certified service professionals for most GSE and SGSE units. These units are also available for rentals. This gives the clients the flexibility that each job demands with the performance and productivity our customers rely on.

Aeromax GSE expanded its operations and client base in North America After moving to a larger facility in 2018. Our new customer base includes PSA Airlines, Maintain Aviation, Porter Airlines, and others. With the introduction of leasing, Aeromax GSE began to offer low, flexible monthly payment options to its clients to meet their budget targets.

Aeromax GSE continues to establish connections with aviation industry leaders, attend GSE, MRO and Aviation show around the world to expand its market reach and win over new satisfied customers.

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