60 kVA Ground Power Unit

Feb 14, 2020 | News

AeromaxGSE has a vast variety of powerful GPUs. Among that lies the Jetmax60 400Hz AC ground power unit. It offers a continuous performance of 60 kVA in a compact and reliable package. It features the latest technologies, convenient options, and a 28.5 VDC output if required. Therefore,  Jetmax60 serves as the perfect solution for small regional jets that require 400Hz power. It is a reliable product that ensures ease of use in mind. Additionally, it comes with standard industry-leading 18-month 2000 hour warranty, whichever comes first. 

Reliable and Easy to Use

The Jetmax60 400 Hz GPU is designed to be easy to use and maintain. That is the result of its accessible, modular design and the use of a digital controller. The ComAp digital controller along with its illuminated pushbutton switches makes GPU operations as simple as controlling a cellphone. Additionally, the color display provides clear readouts about all GPU parameters including; fuel levels, engine speed, run time, load, voltage, and history, saving all alarms and faults for later review.

Maintenance of these GPUs is easy due to their large gas-spring operated doors that provide easy access to all engine components. This allows the ground handling team to easily change the oil, do electrical and mechanical repairs, and other simple replacements. 

Reliable Powertrain

The AeromaxGSE’s Jetmax60 incorporates the most reliable and established brands such as; the Caterpillar diesel engine, Mecc-Alte alternator, and ComAp controller to achieve superior reliability. Therefore, the Jetmax60 powertrain specifically achieves flawless performance and optimum efficiency by achieving over 8-hours of continuous run time per fuel tank. In addition, the Diesel engine is available in both Tier-3 and Tier-4 final emission configurations and also offers the flexibility of being able to run on both ultra-low sulfur diesel and Jet-A fuels. 

About Aeromax GSE

Aeromax GSE is a well-known and one of the highly trusted brands of GSEs. We offer almost everything from a baggage loader truck to large ground power units. Our wide range of products includes AC and DC GPUs that can work with any kind of aircraft including; a small jet to jumbo jet passenger planes. 

Provider of New Ground Power Units in the United States 

Aeromax GSE is the manufacturer of high-quality and digitally controlled Ground Power Units. We are a Canadian Manufacturer who emphasizes on serving clients in the US. As the USA represents the largest aviation market in the world. The country is home to many large airliners, FBOs, MROs, and Airports. Additionally, all of these giant and small organizations purchase and use GSEs for their operations. A different fleet of Jetmax-series Ground Power Units is operated in the US. They are available in many states including Florida, Georgia, California, and South Carolina. Jetmax Ground Power Units offer flawless operation in every climate and region of the USA. Therefore, one can find them anywhere from the freezing temperatures in northern Ontario to the summers of Florida.

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