400Hz Ground Power Unit

Jan 27, 2020 | News

400Hz Ground Power Units are the most common type of GPU among the ones that airports operate. Such GPUs come with a variety of different models and power capacities powering jets small and large. 400Hz GPUs have many different variants including; diesel-powered, gasoline-powered, or electric-powered models. Also, these GPUs can range from 30 kVA to 300 kVA. They are capable of powering multiple aircraft at the same time. The 400Hz Ground Power Unit does many crucial tasks including; assisting in aircraft start and general power supply, powering the avionics, hydraulics, and other electrical systems of the aircraft.

Jetmax 400Hz GPUs

Aeromax GSE offers a full range of diesel-powered 400Hz GPUs. Its grand range of GPUs starts at 60 kVA power capacity and goes all the way up to 180 kVA. Additionally, the Jetmax-series 400Hz GPUs offer the latest technologies in power delivery and management. They include dual-AC outputs, 28V DC TR output, line drop compensation, and strict regulation of 400Hz output. All Aeromax GPUs are digitally controlled for superior reliability and simple operations.

Choosing the right GPU

From the regional CRJ 900 to Boeing 747, modern jets rely on 400Hz power at the airport to power their electronic systems and assist in engine start. Solid-state frequency converters are the most common type of 400Hz GPUs that  the airport operates at due to their simplicity and low cost. Simply plug in the Solid-State GPU into the right power source and the GPU is ready to use. This makes frequency converters an appealing solution for hanger and gate operations. Diesel-powered GPUs have the flexibility of operating anywhere in the airport, being towed to different or remote locations, and provide 400Hz power regardless of the availability of any electrical power source.

Provider of Refurbished GSE

Aeromax GSE provides a wide range of GSE equipment to every state in the US. Aeromax GSE covers the entirety of the US that includes all the states from California to Florida. We provide GSE equipment, parts, and services at any location with an all-time support service. We are also able to offer the same competitive pricing along with worry-free, fast shipping to any part of the US. So you can be sure you will always receive the right equipment on time and within your budget.

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